Computer Kiosk with Camera and Locker (SA-1177-T Black)

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This kiosk is designed for users of various height including children. It has 3 main components, the touch screen, the camera and the locker. Each kiosk can be custom designed for various height and storage capacity.

The integrated locker is lightweight and  will be able to store equipment such wireless router, a PC, keyboard, mouse and so on. The locker has air ventilation duct allowing hot air from electronic equipment to escape.

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Kiosk & Mural Design Vendor: First Sight International is the leading integrated environmental art and design company for more than 15 years, delivering unique solutions to more than 1000 public and private entities. Our kiosks are made from environmental friendly and durable materials tailored specifically to each customer.

Who should use this kiosk? If you are planning to create touch screen interactive kiosk with a PC to display information, playing activity or to complement your gallery, then this kiosk is a very suitable solution for you.

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Computer Kiosk with Camera and Locker (SA-1177-T Black)

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