Biodiversity Discovery Kiosk Manager

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This software is a touch enabled application educating students on biodiversity. Student will be able to learn various ecosystem which are marine, rain forest, fresh water, and wet land thru photos, videos and YouTube.

The most amazing feature is that we are able to build a real life environment and pair it with the application contents making learning more realistic. In addition, we allow students to key in messages on their learning to encourage sharing and communication between students.

Live Demo: Email us at to request for a live demo or drop us a message now!

Technology: This application has a front end for students and a content management system for administrator. User can create and customize multiple pages to display text description, image and video gallery. Each gallery has template ready for use to ease data entry process. All images and videos are displayed in true HD quality.

Platform: This application is a web app running in kiosk and the server is hosted within the kiosk. Our kiosk and application are designed to run in a fully autonomous mode. From booting up and running application in the morning to shutting down in the evening for both PC and TV are automated. A very energy efficient design. For ease of management, user can access the CMS via DDNS enabled router.

Kiosk & Mural Design Vendor: First Sight International is the leading integrated environmental art and design company for more than 15 years, delivering unique solutions to more than 1000 public and private entities. Our kiosks are made from environmental friendly and durable materials tailored specifically to each customer.

Who should use this software? If your school is an innovation driven school and would like to try a more realistic educational approach, then this application is a very suitable solution for you. 

We provide comprehensive user training and manual to ensure all users have a good grasp on the know-how and they will be able to update the content at anytime.

Live Demo: Email us at to request for a live demo or drop us a message now!

Biodiversity Discovery Kiosk Manager

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