Assets Tracking and Management System

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KennyKee Technologies's Asset Management System (AMS) offers comprehensive information flow control and asset tracking functionalities for businesses with the needs to track assets with value and continuous maintenance tracking.

AMS offers asset tracking capabilities ranging from discrepancy checking, asset loan, transfer, report generation, integration with portable scanner hardware and 3rd-party system to security feature such as audit trail.

On top of that, we emphasized heavily on the system security and access control. Our access matrix and audit trail features give you total fine-grained control and monitoring capabilities.

The architecture designs are strongly customer driven and built for productivity in mind. We understand that every customer is unique. That is why we perform extensive requirement analysis with our customers and ensure every single function delivered fits their operation precisely.

Continue reading to understand how AMS functionalities can help with your business daily operation.

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Productivity and Automation

With the combination of hardware scanner and system-controlled process flow, AMS aims to improve operation productivity, information flow, communication, automate repetitive and manual tasks. It also intended to reduce the reliance on paper printout, human error, and communication overhead.

Designed For Industries:

  • Maintenance Services Companies.
  • Manufacturing, Retails and Hospitality.
  • Factory With Hardware, Tools, Parts and Machinery Equipment.
  • Maritime Industry.
  • Automotive and Electronics Industries.
  • Transportation and Logistics.


1) Asset Master List

Allow user to create assets, download asset depreciation report and print label sticker.

Figure: Asset master list. (Click to enlarge)

2) Discrepancy Checking

Allow user to do continuous stock take for valuable assets using handheld terminal and perform discrepancy checking for assets.

Figure: Discrepancy page. (Click to enlarge)

3) Asset Loan

User will be able loan out asset to external party or companies. This feature includes loan form generation and reporting.

Figure: Asset loan page. (Click to enlarge)

4) Asset Write Off

Allow user to write off damaged or expired asset. Written off asset will be tracked and allow multiple levels of approval.

Figure: Write off page. (Click to enlarge)

5) Asset Transfer

User will be able to transfer asset between department and location.

Figure: Asset transfer page. (Click to enlarge)

6) Department and Location

Department and location are the foundations for keeping track of assets.

Figure: Department and location page. (Click to enlarge)

7) User And Access Control

Fine grained access matrix to control read, add, update and delete operation for every individual function, user, role, and department in AMS.

Figure: User and access control page. (Click to enlarge)

8) Notification

Send notification to recipients for write off request and maintenance alert.

Figure: Notification page. (Click to enlarge)

9) Job Scheduler

Job scheduler checks for assets due for maintenance.

10) Mobile And Tablet Application

Allow user to record asset quantity during stock take with Android handheld scanner.

Getting Started For Small Businesses: For businesses looking to get started with minimal cost, we offer cost effective progressive web app (PWA) as the mobile application. PWA allows user to use its own Android or IOS mobile phone to perform asset tracking and management task. Portable and rugged handheld devices will be optional.

Hardware Devices

AMS supports barcode, QR code scanning, RFID scanning and label printing functionalities for both Zebra and Honeywell devices. Our server, desktop client and android application are especially developed to fully utilize the capabilities of these devices. These include Zebra ZT510, TC51, ZD500, TC25, Honeywell RP series, CT60, CN80, PM42 and many more.


Figure: Barcode scanner, QR code scanner and label printer

AWS Cloud Hosting

AMS is cloud ready. The core components include web, database, web API, and file storage can run in AWS EC2 Windows or Linux. We help our customers to deploy application in customers owned cloud servers. We also offer cost effective SAAS subscription model where customers can access and use the application hosted in our AWS cloud server. Rest assured that your own application instance runs in an isolated container and your instance data is kept secured.

Long Term Support

We understand our customers' needs for continuous support and the needs to improve with time. That is why being adaptive to new technologies and readiness for future improvement are our core business principle. We give assurance to our customers that we will provide full support and maintenance to all of our products and solutions delivered.

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Assets Tracking and Management System

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